Finishing Your Kitchen Sink Window With Glass Shelves

16 June 2015
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Do you love having plants on the windowsill above your kitchen sink, but aren't pleased with how often those plants nosedive into your sink? Having a gorgeous window in front of your sink will bring natural light into your kitchen and provide you the perfect spot for growing your favorite herbs or flowers. So, how can you have plants in that window without worrying about them falling all of the time? Read More 

Two Replacement Window Concerns You May Need Addressed

15 June 2015
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The windows that are on your home will play a critical role in determining both the comfort of those inside and the aesthetics of the home. While windows are designed to last for many years, it will eventually be necessary to replace them for a variety of reasons. When it is time for this home improvement project, it is important for you to carefully consider all of your options. In particular, knowing the answers to the following two questions about replacement windows will help you make choices that best fit the needs of your home. Read More