Finishing Your Kitchen Sink Window With Glass Shelves

16 June 2015
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Do you love having plants on the windowsill above your kitchen sink, but aren't pleased with how often those plants nosedive into your sink? Having a gorgeous window in front of your sink will bring natural light into your kitchen and provide you the perfect spot for growing your favorite herbs or flowers. So, how can you have plants in that window without worrying about them falling all of the time? You can install glass shelves in the window. Here's how.

What will you need to complete this project?

  • Tempered glass – 3/16 inch
  • Molding – basic quarter round, or decorative – whatever you like.
  • Paint or stain to match the cabinets
  • Paint brush – small or medium
  • Painter's tape
  • Fine-grit sandpaper
  • Wood putty
  • Finishing nails – 1 ¼ inch
  • Drill and bits
  • Hammer
  • Level
  • Nail set
  • 4 quarters

Choose the Design

How many shelves do you want in front of your window? How much space do you want between each shelf? Remember to consider the height of the plants and to allow enough space between each shelf for them to mature.

Get the Measurements

Get the measurements of the area between the cabinets that border the window. Get the width and depth measurement, then subtract ¼-inch from the width measurement and head off to the home improvement store. There, you will provide the glass cutting technician with the measurements and he or she will cut the glass to size perfectly.

Tip: Be sure that the glass that you use is tempered to decrease the chance of breaking it.

Prepare the Wood Molding

Use the measurement that you took to have the glass cut. Use the depth measurement to cut the molding. You will need four pieces of molding for each shelf, so if you are installing two shelves, you will need 8 cut pieces of molding.

Sand the ends of the molding for a perfect finish. Prime and paint or stain the molding to match the cabinetry and let it dry.

Determine the Placement

Use your measuring tape to mark the placement of the shelves on the cabinet. If you have window grids, consider using the grid-lines as a guide to place the shelves. Following the grid-lines could create a nearly invisible shelf.

Once you have the measurements marked on your cabinets, use a level to draw straight lines across the cabinet to use as a guide. Double check the measurements on both sides to be sure that they line up perfectly to avoid having leaning shelves.

Attach the Molding

Get a drill bit the same diameter of the finishing nails and drill three holes into each piece of finished molding.

Use painter's tape to stick a piece of the molding to the side of the cabinet, flat side up using the lines that you have drawn as a guide. This will be the base that holds the glass shelf in place. Insert nails into the pre-drilled holes and gently tap them through the molding and into the side of the cabinet. Repeat this on the opposite cabinet to complete the base for one shelf.

Once the bases are in place, set the glass shelf in place. Using two quarters, place one on top of the glass close to the front of the shelf and then close to back of the glass shelf to use as a guide for a gap between the shelf and the top piece of molding. This will allow for enough space to remove the glass shelf to clean it.

Now, set the top piece of molding on the quarters, insert the nails into the pre-drilled holes and very carefully tape each nail into place.

Repeat this process until you have completed the installation of all of the shelves you want in your kitchen window. This project is easier than it may first appear and will help to showcase the already beautiful window over your kitchen sink. For more information on windows and other projects, contact a professional like Zephyr Aluminum Renewal by Andersen.