3 Benefits Of Executive Entry Doors

26 June 2023
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When you browse entry door options for a custom home you're building, there's a good chance that you'll come across a style known as executive entry doors. Although different door companies can occasionally use this term in different ways, it generally describes a door that has a pair of vertical windows on each side. If you feel that an executive entry door would be a good fit for the home, you can browse several models at a door retailer and choose the right look. This type of door has several advantages for homeowners, including these three things.

High-End Look

One of the biggest advantages of choosing an executive entry door is that it offers a high-end look. If you're designing your home to have several luxurious elements, this is likely a type of door that will be a good fit. These doors are common on luxury homes; if you drive through a high-end neighborhood in your city, there's a good chance that you'll see this type of door on many of the residences. You always want to choose a front door that enhances the curb appeal of your home, and an executive entry door can certainly help in this regard.

More Width

There are some executive entry doors on the market in which the door itself is a few inches wider than standard front doors. This extra width can often be appealing. When a large group of friends is visiting your home, for example, it's easier for the group to enter through a door that is wider. If you're carrying bulky items through the door — for example, you might be carrying a suitcase in each hand prior to a vacation — you'll have an easier time getting through a door that is a little wider.

Extra Light

The vertical windows on each side of the door itself help to offer more natural light in the entry area of your home. While some people choose doors that have window inserts, not everyone likes this look. If you want a solid front door but still like the idea of having natural light in this part of your home, an executive entry door can be a fitting solution. You can choose an executive entry door that has windows that complement the other windows on the front of your home, ensuring that everything looks cohesive. Learn more about executive entry doors at a local door supplier.