Top Reasons To Choose A Hinged Patio Door Over A Sliding Patio Door

2 November 2021
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If you're building a home or fixing up your patio area, you might be looking at different doors that you can purchase that will lead from your home to your patio. Sliding patio doors are definitely worth your consideration since they are very popular. Before you choose a sliding patio door for your home, though, you should consider the advantages of a hinged door instead. You may find that you will prefer a hinged patio door over a sliding patio door for these reasons and more.

Enjoy a More Formal Look

Sliding doors are very popular and can look neat and tidy. However, if you're looking for a more formal look, you may want to choose a hinged patio door. Even single-hinged patio doors can look quite formal, but if you're going for an even fancier look, you may want to consider double-hinged patio doors.

Have a Wider Door Opening

On normal days, you might not be overly concerned about the width of the door opening of your patio door. However, there might be times when this is important, such as when you're moving your patio furniture indoors before a big storm. Sliding doors cannot be opened all the way because of their design, which leaves you with less space. With a hinged patio door, however, the hinged door can be opened all the way to create a bigger opening. You can even choose a wider, double-hinged patio door if you'd like to have an even wider opening.

Enjoy More Security

Even though sliding patio doors do have their benefits, one downside of them is that they aren't the most secure. Someone could attempt to pry open your sliding door, and you also have to worry about the possibility of someone breaking the glass. If you choose a hinged patio door with a secure lock and deadbolt, you can help ensure that you keep your home safe.

Enjoy More Privacy

You may not want people to be able to see into your home from your patio area or backyard, and if so, you are probably nervous about the idea of an all-glass sliding patio door. You don't have to worry about lack of privacy -- nor do you have to worry about buying expensive, thick curtains or having window tint installed on the glass -- if you choose a more traditional hinged patio door instead.

When choosing between hinged and sliding doors for your patio area, consider the points above. When you do, it might become clear to you that a hinged patio door will be a better choice.

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