Keep Pests Out With The Installation Of The Right Windows

23 June 2021
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Pest control is best taken care of with prevention in mind. For example, if the windows in your home are outdated and haven't had much maintenance over the years, they are likely the source of pests getting into your home.

From spiders to more destructive pests such as termites, new windows can be so helpful in keeping pests out. 

Choose the Right Screens

Installing screens in your windows or finding windows that have them already built in is crucial for keeping pests out. To ensure that pests can't get indoors, you'll need to ensure that the screens are the exact dimensions that you'll need.

It's essential that you find window screens that don't have gaps that are too large. Small insects can crawl through screens with spacing that is too large if you don't prioritize the correct screens.

Requesting screens for your windows that are designed to keep pests out can ensure that they do their job at keeping your home free of pests.

Prioritize Weather Stripping

Another way to prevent most pests from getting into your home is by having weather stripping applied. Like weather stripping for a door, you can fill any gaps around your windows to keep most pests away.

Considering the various materials used for weather stripping, including felt, foam tape, and even tension seals, can help you make an informed decision. In addition, the extra steps involved in finding the correct weather stripping can ensure that your investment in new windows was worth it. 

After the weather stripping is complete, you could even notice a difference in the amount of sound that travels inside. An improvement in energy efficiency can be another benefit you see after the installation as well.

Insist on a Professional Install

Protecting your home from pests is a lot easier when you opt for the residential window installation to be done by a professional. With the insight of a professional,  there is less of a risk of pests getting inside. As you prepare to have windows installed, you should ask questions about what's involved in a professional install and the difference it will make for keeping pests out.

When you begin checking out the options for new windows to install, you'll feel great about keeping pests out with screens, weather stripping, and other features. Since some pests can even cause damage to your home, the above tips can help you feel great about choosing the correct windows.