What Makes Today's Replacement Doors So Much Better?

20 August 2020
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If you have just started shopping for a replacement door for the first time in many years, you are in for a treat! Today's replacement doors stand head-and-shoulders above those that were made even 20 years ago. But why? It all comes down to some excellent features, including the following.

Insulating Cores

Doors have always been one of the biggest sources of energy loss in a home. Even when the door was closed, it would let more heat seep through than the rest of the walls. After all, the door was just one solid piece of material; it was not a thick wall with a bunch of insulation in the middle. Today's replacement doors are different, though. Now, most doors are made with a good layer of insulating foam in the middle. This helps keep heat from passing through so you don't get those cold spots in front of your door in the winter, and you don't cringe when you get the heating bill.

Easily Cleanable Surfaces

Doors get dirty. They get splashed with mud when you walk up to them with muddy boots. They get covered in debris from cars that drive by. Years ago, scrubbing a door meant damaging the finish, which meant you basically got to choose between having a clean door and a not scratched one. This is not the case anymore. Most doors are now made from composite or vinyl, both of which wipe clean easily and have non-scratch surfaces. If you do choose a real wood door, you can have it finished in a hard oil that wipes clean more easily.

High-Tech Glass

Many of today's replacement doors feature more glass than you would see in older models. For example, you might see a big, rectangular window rather than just two tiny ones at the top. Door manufacturers are able to do this because they use high-tech glass in the doors now. The glass is often coated with a special material to help reflect heat waves; this is known as Low-E glass. Door makers may also use frosted glass, which lets in light but obscures the view through the window so you retain some privacy.

Today's replacement doors are pretty amazing, and you're sure to find one that you love. With features like high-tech glass, easily cleanable surfaces, and insulating cores, these replacement doors make your home look and feel a whole lot better.