Choosing The Best Replacement Windows For Your Tiny Home

10 December 2018
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When you initially built your tiny home, your goal was to create your new small home with as small of an investment as possible. If you are like a lot of tiny home builders, you will find out after living in the tiny home that some of those corners you cut to save money affect how efficient your house is overall. Unfortunately, one of those things you may find yourself unsatisfied is the windows you chose. Just like with a typical house, you can get a window replacement for your tiny home, but this does take some careful consideration. Take a look at some tips for choosing the best replacement windows for your tiny home. 

Go for lighter weight window varieties

Because most tiny homes are built to be mobile, the weight of every last element is important. You have to keep the weight of the house at a certain point for it to be legally towed by certain vehicles. Therefore, windows in a tiny home should usually be lighter weight varieties. For example, vinyl and aluminum framed windows are going to weigh a lot less than windows made with wooden frames. Check out the weight ratings of any window you are considering and opt for the lightest ones that work well for your home. 

Pick windows that will open properly in the confined space

Tiny homes are lacking the space that a typical home has. Therefore, you probably will need to steer clear of windows that require more space to function. For example, windows that swing out to open will not be a logical choice in most tiny homes because there is not enough room to fully open the window without hitting something. Casement or sliding-pane windows are the better choices because these windows slide open over themselves. 

Opt for multiple pane windows over single-pane windows

Insulation value in your tiny home is super important. Plus, you will want windows that can stand up better to vibrations if your tiny home is mobile. Therefore, it is better if you opt for windows that have multiple panes. Double or triple-paned windows will be far more insulating than single-pane windows with only one pane of glass inside the frame. Even though the multiple-pane versions of replacement windows can be a little more expensive, they are well worth the extra price for the extra efficiency, the extra security, and the extra protection against breakage.