Two Window Covering Options

29 August 2018
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Windows are a great thing to have in your house. You get to have a lot of light and a lot of fresh air. Unfortunately, you may not get a lot of privacy because anyone who can walk by can see right into your house. You may also end up with more light than you want, especially in your bedroom. There are a variety of things you can use to make sure that you have that privacy and that ability to limit the amount of light you get in your home. 


Curtains and draperies are a great way to cover your windows and grant you privacy. If you choose to use blackout curtains in your bedroom, you can get a nice, dark room to sleep in. The nice thing about curtains and drapes is that you can pick and choose what kind of fabrics you would like to have in your house, and you can change them out for each season or just because you have found something else that you like better. However, they also have the problem that you can end up leaving more of your window uncovered than you might want to. There are other options that you may also want to think of. 

Roll-Up Shades

These shades are installed at the very top of your window frame, inside above where the top of the window is. When you want the shade down, you just pull it down. You can pull it all the way down or leave it at any particular height, and then you are done, and you can just arrange the blinds so that they will roll back up. While there are other kinds of shades that you can use, they have some drawbacks that roll-up shades don't have, especially if you have kids. For one thing, if you have Venetian blinds, the strings that you use to raise and lower them can be a risk to your child, and those blinds can be very easy to break. The roll-up shades don't have that issue, and it's difficult to tear them up the same way as a slatted shade would. 

If you are looking for a way to make sure that you have the privacy and the shade you want in your house, you have a variety of choices. You can choose to use any one of them or to combine them so that you can find the perfect solution for you. Get more information from a company such as Sylvan's & Phillip's.