Three Easy Ways To Make Your Sliding Glass Door More Secure

12 May 2016
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Sliding glass doors can be beautiful to have in a home because they let in so much natural light. The only issue with a sliding glass door is that some homeowners do not feel as safe as they want to feel because the locks that are used on sliding glass doors are not as strong as many homeowners would like them to be. Fortunately, there are other security options available that can be used in conjunction with the locks that come attached to the sliding glass doors to make them as secure as they can possibly be. The guide below walks you through a few security options, consider using on your sliding glass door to make your home safer.  

Consider Adding a Sliding Glass Door Alarm

There are small sliding glass door alarms available for you to use to secure your door. The alarm is attached directly to the glass on the door that is stationary. When the alarm is activated, it will sound as the frame of the sliding door slides over it. There is an on and off switch on the alarm so that you can turn it off during the day when you are coming in and out of the door regularly.  

Consider Using a Sliding Glass Door Security Rod

A sliding glass door security rod is an adjustable rod that is placed on the track of your sliding glass door to keep the door from being able to slide. You need to hold one end of the rod security in your left hand and then twist the other end of the rod with your right hand to adjust its length to the exact length of the space between the frame and the door that is able to slide. Place the rod into the frame before you go to bed at night to rest assured that no one can slide the door open, even if they manage to break the lock on the door.

Consider Adding a Sliding Glass Door Track Lock

A track lock is a small lock that is attached to the side of the frame of the door that slides. There is a grommet that is built into the track and when the lock is inside of the grommet, you can step on a small knob that will cause a prong to come out of the lock and go into the grommet so that the door cannot slide. You can use some or all of these security options to keep your sliding glass door secure. All of the options take very little time to do and can often be installed on your own. If you do have issues with installation, you can hire a sliding glass door repair company (such as Cheaper Window Glass INC) to come to your home and do the installation for you, as well.