How To Replace Or Install Window Locks

5 April 2016
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As wonderful and desirable as it is to be able to let the outside world into your home through your windows, it is equally important and prudent to be able to securely keep that world out when necessary. Whether you are replacing existing locks or installing new ones, the method is relatively the same.

What You Will Need

•Drill (or screwdriver if simply replacing hardware)

•New hardware/window locks

•Tape measure

Step 1 - Determining What Kind of Existing Locks You Have

The first step is more investigative than anything else. Regardless of whether you are replacing or installing new window locks, compatibility is key. Usually somewhere on the window, either on the jam or the edge of the sash, there should be a sticker, or some indication of the manufacturer of the window. From there you can determine what replacement parts you need and where to get them. In the case of a lock replacement, this step might not be necessary since you can bring in your old lock to a hardware store and select the same or similar lock.

Step 2 - Removing the Old Lock

Using either a screwdriver or preferably a drill, simply unscrew the two or three fasteners that typically hold a window lock in place. In some circumstances, you might have to remove a cover to get to the screws, but this can be done with a utility knife. After you have removed the lock mechanism, remove the catch on the other window sash in the same way.

Step 3 - Installing the New Window Locks

If you are replacing your old locks with the same model, then simply re-align the holes and refasten the new hardware to the existing holes using a screwdriver or drill fitted with a screwdriver bit in the correct size. In the case of installing new locks on brand new windows, the hardware might not align with preexisting holes. Place the lock hardware on the wood, and mark the screw hole locations with a pencil. Then drill the new holes according to your marks. Carry the measurements over so the lock catch lines up. Preferably, try to cover old holes with the new mechanism whenever possible.

Functioning window locks help to make your home safer for everyone in your family. By following these three simple steps, you can easily install or replace your existing home window locks in order to provide security along with enjoyment.