Some Suggestions For Cleaning Hard Water Stains Off Your Windows

2 April 2016
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Taking care of your windows is an important part of home ownership. If you fail to clean your windows properly they could easily become damaged and even need replacing earlier than usual. One of the important things you should do when caring for your windows is to learn how to remove hard water stains. Here are some simple things that you can do using common household items to clean your windows.

1. Use Rubbing Alcohol To Remove The Stains

One of the most common treatments for hard water stains is to take some rubbing alcohol and let it soak through the calcium deposits. The reason hard water is so difficult to remove is because it is made up of calcified minerals that harden over time on the windows. In fact, the deposits can build up on each other time and again until the deposits are incredibly large. That is why it is so important to clean the windows often before the minerals become too thick and hard.

With rubbing alcohol, you simply pour it into a spray bottle and soak the areas that have the stains. Let the alcohol sit for some time, or until you can start to see the deposits break apart. Then you can wash it away with water.

2. Scrub Toothpaste On The Window

Another good item to use is toothpaste. You can spread some toothpaste onto a paper towel and then place a thick film around the calcified areas and once again let the toothpaste sit for some time. You might not notice the deposits breaking up, so just leave the toothpaste on for a while without letting it dry out. Then use some water and vinegar mixed together to rub off the toothpaste.

3. Scrape Off Stubborn Stains With A Razor

If after trying these solutions you still have a problem, you can take a razor and actually break down the deposits. You can scrape the outermost layer off so that the solutions can help to remove the leftovers.

If you do use a razor be very careful to hold it at an angle parallel to the window so that it doesn't scratch it. The razor will damage the window beyond repair if you cut it. For this reason, you should be extra careful about keeping the razor far enough from the glass and only on the deposits.

By doing these simple things you can get your windows free of hard water stains. If your windows have reached the place where they're no longer attractive, you may consider checking into replacement windows.