The Perks of Wood-Vinyl Combination Windows

30 March 2016
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There are very few investments that will increase the value of your home as much as new windows will. Think about it—when you install new windows in your home, you are giving your interior and exterior a remodel at the same time. Two home upgrades for the price of one! When choosing new windows for your home, you obviously need to select the sash material and style. Many people assume that they can only choose one material for each sash. However, some windows are built with a different material on each side of the sash. For instance, you can have the interior side of the sashes made out of wood, while the outside is made of vinyl. This article explains the perks of investing in these wood-vinyl combination windows.

The Perks of Vinyl on the Outside

Many homeowners love the low maintenance and durability of vinyl, but don't necessarily love how it looks. Vinyl is certainly more practical to have on the exterior side of the window. It will be waterproof, termite resistant, fade resistant, and easy to clean. Since the exterior side of the window always requires much more maintenance, it is much better to have vinyl there instead of wood. Vinyl comes in a wide range of colors, so you will have no problem finding the perfect fit for your existing color scheme.

The Perks of Wood on the Inside

You can have easy-to-maintain vinyl on the outside but still enjoy the look of wood on the interior of your home. Wooden windows look much more homey than vinyl but aren't waterproof, so it makes sense to have them on the inside of the sash. Maintaining wood on exterior sashes is time consuming. However, there is not much maintenance to do on wood when it is inside the house. Your wooden sashes can match with other wooden elements in your home. Best of all, you can give them a custom paint or stain job whenever you change the color scheme of your interior.

Wood-vinyl combination windows are hard to beat because they give you the best of both worlds. You can enjoy the look of wood with the durability and easy upkeep of vinyl. You can order your windows in any combination of different vinyl colors and wood types. It is easy to find a product that matches the interior and exterior style of your property at the same time. To learn more about replacement windows, contact a manufacturer in your area.