Don't Make These Three Mistakes When Buying A Replacement Window

30 March 2016
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What do you value most when shopping for a replacement window? Quality, the cost of purchase, cost of maintenance and style are some of the common factors people consider. Whatever your primary considerations are, you aren't likely to meet them if you make these three mistakes:

Assuming the Priciest window has the Highest Quality

One of the worst mistakes is to let the cost of a window influence what you think of its quality. It is bad on two fronts. For one, you can easily end up with a low-quality window. Also, you may waste money if there are cheaper windows at lower prices.

In fact, Consumer Reports researched three different types of windows, all with different prices, which proved this fact. It compared the ability of three different windows to keep out cold air, and the priciest faired the worst.

Overspending On Options You Don't Need

Replacement windows come with different features or options. Some of them are useful while others may be nothing more than bells and whistles depending on your needs; you need to distinguish between the two. Common window options include nonstandard colors, impact-resistance, and triple insulating glass. Then there are less-common features, such as self-cleaning glass, windows with integrated alarm sensors, and.

For example, you may not need integrated alarm sensors if you already have an excellent security system in place. Another example is triple glazing, which is good in extremely cold areas, but becomes superfluous in moderate climates.

Ignoring the Cost of Maintenance

Lastly, when it comes to cost, the initial purchase price and installation aren't the only things to consider. Maintenance costs are also crucial since they can vary a lot. It's not just about cleaning and painting either; there are other things to think about, such as the purchase prices and availability of replacement parts. In many cases, the more complicated the window is, the more it will cost to maintain.

For example, some people apply window films on windowpanes (on the inside) to reduce solar heat gain. Such films deteriorate and have to be replaced after a few years. It makes more sense to use windows with low-solar-gain glazing that doesn't require such treatment.

Once you have the right window, don't forget that you still need to have it professionally installed for you to enjoy its advantages. Even a perfect replacement window will still prove problematic if it isn't properly installed. For example, a poor installation may lead to high energy bills if it results in some space between the window and its frame. Contact a window retailer, such as Window Planet.