Tips For Keeping Your Pediatric Dental Office's Windows Clean

29 March 2016
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If it seems like the windows of your pediatric dental office's building are always smudged and dirty with children's handprints, then you will be pleased to know that you can easily keep the windows looking like they were just professionally cleaned. Keeping the windows clean shows your patients that you care about their experience in your building, and it shows that you care about infection control and aim to keep your office as clean as possible.

Follow these tips to keep your pediatric dental office's windows clean between professional washings:

Use a Dish Soap Solution to Remove Grease from the Glass

Since children's hands often have grease, food, and body fluids on them, your dental office's windows should be cleaned using a mild dish soap and water solution. The soap will cut through any grease and remove it from the glass. This is necessary to prevent streaks and to keep the glass looking clean.

Use a Bleach Solution to Clean the Window Sills

Since dirt and moisture will build up in the window sills around your office, you should clean them using a solution of chlorine bleach dissolved in a bucket of warm water. Wipe down each of the window sills with a cotton rag that has been dipped into the bleach solution. Take care not to get the bleach solution on the surrounding wall paint as it may damage the color of the paint. Once you have finished with the soap and bleach solutions, then wash the glass with clean water to remove any soap or bleach residue.

Clean the Windows Using a Glass Cleaner and Newspaper

Once you have cleaned any grease or dirt from the windows of your office, then you should spray a glass cleaning product onto the windows and wipe them down using newspaper. Newspapers are more tightly woven and do not shed paper fibers onto your windows in the same way that paper towels or cotton rags will. This results in a cleaner overall look of the glass panes when you have finished cleaning them.

Always Clean Windows in the Shade

Finally, you should always clean your pediatric dental office's windows while they are in the shade. If you try to clean the windows while they are warm from sunlight, then the cleaning solution will evaporate more quickly and likely leave unsightly streaks on the glass. Cleaning your windows while they are cool from being in the shade will allow you to completely remove the glass cleaning solution and prevent streaking.

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