The Perks Of Glass Block Shower Walls And Windows

29 March 2016
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Glass block shower walls are innovative an product that are ideal for showers. While they can also be used as windows, they work great as a shower wall. These walls are made up of glass blocks that are assembled in a factory and then installed in a shower in one piece. This is a great alternative to the strenuous difficult process of installing large glass block walls out on site. This article explains the perks of pre-assembled glass blocks shower walls.

Installing Glass Block Walls

If you have never built a glass block wall or window, you might fail to understand what a difficult process it is. First, the blocks are very thick and quite heavy. This means the installation of a vertical wall is difficult. You will struggle to keep the wall level, not to mention the pain of lifting the heavy blocks during installation. It is basically like installing a large tile wall, except that there is not a backside. This means the installation is much more technical and requires more precise construction.

Also, these large blocks have thicker gaps between them. This means that grouting between them is very messy.  Whether you want to install the wall on your own or leave it up to contractors, it is obviously much easier to install a a pre-assembled wall.

The Beauty of Pre-Assembly

When your wall is pre-assembled, the installation is much quicker and safer. You can have your window built to your custom sizing. Professionals will come measure your space before the wall is built. So, once the wall is constructed, it can basically be set in place and secured. The blocks will be fully grouted and sealed, so the installation is done in a matter of hours as compared to a matter of days. Pre-assembled block walls can be made out of any available style of block. They have a huge selection of sizes, shapes, and colors to choose from.

The Perks of Glass Blocks

Glass blocks offer a unique style with high functionality. Pre-assembled walls are fully grouted and then glazed in the factory. This means they are more waterproof than block walls that are grouted after installation. Glass walls are obviously easier to clean when they are assembled. You can clean the seal the grout with the same glass cleaner that you use for the blocks. Simply put, a pre-assembled wall will be much more reliable and easier to maintain over the years.

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