A Guide To Help You Determine If You Should Repair Or Replace Your Window

29 March 2016
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When facing issues with your window, it is natural to wonder if you should bother fixing the issue with your window or if it makes more sense to just upgrade and replace your window. This guide addresses common window issues and provides you with insight on whether repairing or replacing is the best option. 

Issue: Tough To Open Window

If it is tough to open or close your window, it is probably because either the sash is painted shut, dirt has built up in the tracks and balances on your window, or the hardware has broken down.

These are pretty easy issues to fix. If your window is painted shut, you can use a putty knife to break the seal created by the paint and to scrape away the old paint that is in the way. If the issue is dirty tracks and balances, all you need to do is clean those parts with a some common household cleaners. If the hardware is broken, you can hire a window repair technician to replace those parts for you for a reasonable fee. 

A tough-to-open window can be easily solved and does not need to be replaced.

Issue: Drafty Windows

If you notice air coming in around the frame, sash and divider on your window, you have a drafty window problem. This is generally caused by caulking or sealant becoming old and cracked, or by an old weather stripping. 

It is much more cost effective to fix a drafty window. All you have to do is go to your home improvement store and purchase a tube of painters caulk to seal the gaps or some weather stripping to replace the older material. 

Both of these repairs take minimal time to do and will save you a considerable amount of money.

Issue: Broken Seal

A broken seal occurs over time as heat contracts and expands the seal, eventually destroying it. When that happens, condensation and fog can accumulate between the panes of your window. This condition is also known as a blown window.

When this happens, you do not need to replace the entire window. However, you will need to replace the window pane that has become blown, and you will also need to replace the sash. Replacing these parts is more affordable than replacing the entire window. 

Issue: Rotting Wood Frame, Sash or Sill

If the wood in the frame or sash is rotting, it really depends on the state of the rot which choice you should make.

If the area that has become rotted is relatively small, you can patch it with some epoxy. You could also hire a window repair technician to completely replace the rotted sill.

If the rot is extensive, and extends to the entire frame, it can be more cost effective to just replace the entire window. If you only replace the frame, you may end up paying about the same amount as if you had an entirely new window installed.

Issue: Broken Panes

If the pane is broken, chipped, or scratched, your option depends on the type of glass and window that you have. 

If you have a multi-pane custom window, a vintage window or an aluminum-clad window, it makes more financial sense to repair the pane that is broken. However, if you have a vinyl window, it is generally more affordable to just replace the entire vinyl window.

The next time you find yourself facing an issue with your windows, use this guide to help you determine if you should fix the issue or replace your window. If you need additional guidance, reach out to a window repair technician for additional advice and insight into your particular issue and situation. 

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