Two Window Covering Options

29 August 2018
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Windows are a great thing to have in your house. You get to have a lot of light and a lot of fresh air. Unfortunately, you may not get a lot of privacy because anyone who can walk by can see right into your house. You may also end up with more light than you want, especially in your bedroom. There are a variety of things you can use to make sure that you have that privacy and that ability to limit the amount of light you get in your home. Read More 

The Benefits Of Real Wood Interior Window Shutters

22 July 2018
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If you are looking to regulate the amount of sun that enters your space, increase your energy efficiency and increase the privacy in your home, you may be considering installing interior window shutters. One of the first decisions you will have to make when it comes to interior window shutters is what material you want the shutters to be made from. The most common materials are either wood or faux wood products. Read More 

Repairing Your Windows Before Replacing Them

18 June 2018
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Most homeowners would love to replace their windows. Who wouldn't want to have a new product that works better, has increased insulation, and looks nice and new? While most people will gladly accept new windows, this doesn't necessarily mean they can afford them. At the same time, many of the problems you might be having with your windows could be fixable in many ways. Even if your windows are a little bit leaky or hard to use, you don't need to rush out and buy new windows. Read More 

Struggling To Open Your Casement Window? Keep It Simple With These Tips

21 May 2018
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Casement windows not only make kitchens and small spaces look better, they allow you to add fresh air to your home at any given time. But if your casement window is hard to open, clean and lubricate it. Your window's frame could be very dirty, or its hardware could be rusty and old. Here's how you make it easier to open your casement window. Why Is Your Window Hard to Open? Read More 

Steam Showers: Ideal For Hygiene And Improved Health

18 April 2018
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Are you considering installing a glass enclosure shower? If so, it might be worth your time to consider a steam shower. A steam shower is a type of glass enclosure shower that is designed to provide a steam option. They are ideal because they offer health benefits. The steam is administered through a mist, and it is much like having your own glass enclosure shower and sauna. Some might call it " Read More