Repairing Your Windows Before Replacing Them

18 June 2018
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Most homeowners would love to replace their windows. Who wouldn't want to have a new product that works better, has increased insulation, and looks nice and new? While most people will gladly accept new windows, this doesn't necessarily mean they can afford them. At the same time, many of the problems you might be having with your windows could be fixable in many ways.

Even if your windows are a little bit leaky or hard to use, you don't need to rush out and buy new windows. You might be able to fix them as they are, save a lot of money, and enjoy higher functionality and better insulation. This article should help you examine your windows so you can determine if they need to be replaced, or if you can practically fix them.

Window Films

So, what do you do if you walked by a window that is closed, but it still feels like there is a cold draft coming in from the outside? First of all, you need to determine if this is actually air flowing, or if it is just cold air radiating through the glass. If you happen to have windows that aren't sufficiently insulated, then they might have very poor heat retention, even if they are completely air tight. The glaze on windows can fade off over time, meaning the glass can absorb and transfer much more heat (both hot and cold).

If it doesn't seem like your windows are actually leaking, and your glass is just poorly insulated, the answer is to add window film to the glass. There are clear or tinted window films that can be affordably applied to pretty much any glass. These are even products that you can pick up at a home improvement store and install yourself.

Replacing Weatherstripping

If the problem seems to be that air is leaking through your window, and creating a draft on the inside, then you probably need to replace the weatherstripping. Over time, weatherstripping can fall off, deteriorate, or even just become so flat that it no longer does anything. Weatherstripping is another product that you can pick up at most home improvement stores, but it can be a little more difficult to apply than window film.

Both of these projects can cost you less than $10 in supplies if you break down the cost per window. If this solves your problem, you'll be thrilled because new replacement home windows will be more expensive.