Struggling To Open Your Casement Window? Keep It Simple With These Tips

21 May 2018
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Casement windows not only make kitchens and small spaces look better, they allow you to add fresh air to your home at any given time. But if your casement window is hard to open, clean and lubricate it. Your window's frame could be very dirty, or its hardware could be rusty and old. Here's how you make it easier to open your casement window.

Why Is Your Window Hard to Open?

Although casement windows are unique in how they function, they still require maintenance and care to keep them in good shape. Unlike traditional windows, casement windows swing in or out of the house, depending on the style. Dust and dirt from the inside or outside of the home can build up around the frame and make it hard to open the window. 

The windows also rely on crank or handle mechanism to open and close. If the crank or handle is broken or rusty, it might not open the window properly. You can try cleaning the frame and lubricating the opening mechanism to see if it solves your window's problem.

How Do You Clean and Lubricate the Window?

First, take your time and open the window. If you can't open the window without placing too much pressure or stress on it, stop and contact a window installation contractor for services. You don't want to crack the glass or break the frame.

If you do manage to open the window, follow the steps listed below:

  1. Fill a small bucket with cool water, then add a few drops of household cleanser or dish detergent to the water. 
  2. Dip a small towel into the bucket of water. Squeeze the towel to remove excess water from it. 
  3. Run the towel along the frame until it appears clean or free of dirt and dust.
  4. Repeat step 3 on all sides of the frame.
  5. Allow the frame to dry.

Check the hinges and crank or handle for rust and damage. If the parts are rusty, lubricate them with a non-corrosive oil like lithium grease instead of regular household oil. If the parts are damaged and old, replace them. You may need to contact a window installation contractor to assistance. Depending on your window's age and style, it may be difficult to find the hinges, cranks, or handles you need for it at your local hardware store or online. 

If you still have problems opening your casement window, contact a window installation contractor for services.