The Perks Of Vinyl Replacement Windows

4 April 2016
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It is never a good sign when you walk by a window fixture and notice a cold burst of air—especially when the window is closed and locked. This can be a sign that the windows are simply so old that they are no longer efficient. The window glazing can fade, the frame can warp so the window does not close all the way or the panes can get separated from the sash. No matter why your windows need updating, you will probably want replacements that are energy efficient. Vinyl is one of the most energy efficient window materials. This article explains the perks of vinyl replacement windows from companies like Alumaroll Awning & Window Co Inc.

Vinyl is Strong

Vinyl is strong, yet lightweight. Generally, vinyl windows are a little thicker than fiberglass or aluminum. This thickness adds a lot of strength to the frames. Also, vinyl is slightly softer than aluminum or fiberglass. This means it does not gouge or scratch easily. This is very important when you realize how sliding windows are slammed and roughly handled on a daily basis.

Vinyl is Smooth

The surface of vinyl is smooth and perfect for sliding windows of all sizes and styles. The vinyl frames have a slight texture that reduces frictions and makes them easier to clean. You don't need to bother lubricating your windows to keep them sliding well. The texture also adds a little bit of class to the window so it does not look like plastic. A textured vinyl window will look much classier than a flat plastic window or aluminum window.

Vinyl is Colorful

You can find a variety of stock colors in most popular vinyl window styles. Or, you can pay a little more for a custom color. Vinyl is dyed instead of painted. The main advantage to this is the fact that the finish is more durable and fade resistant. The main drawback is that you cannot really paint vinyl windows, so you are basically stuck with whatever color you choose. That is to say, you could paint your vinyl frames, but it would not look very good.

These are just some of the best features of vinyl windows. Most people choose vinyl because it is generally the lowest maintenance option. However, the style and color options are also very attractive to buyers. No matter what your motivation is for choosing vinyl, you will enjoy owning such a strong and beautiful product.