3 Cleaning Hacks To Maintain Your Faux Wood Blinds

29 March 2016
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From curtains and sheer panels to plantation shutters and bamboo shades, choosing window treatments can be challenging. Fortunately, homeowners are seeing the enormous benefits of faux wood blinds. With a reduced price compared to wood blinds and shutters to intense durability and attractive design, it is easy to see the appeal of faux wood blinds for your windows. Although functional and durable, proper cleaning and maintenance is necessary to protect the look and value of these window treatments. Of course, cleaning each slate of your blinds can be timely and overwhelming. Using these hacks, you can effectively clean and maintain your faux wood blinds without a great deal of stress.


Most households have a few socks that are missing their partners, so consider using these to clean your faux wood blinds.

To get started, use the rod or string to close up your blinds until they are hanging flat against the window. Place your hand inside one of the socks and start at the top of your window's installed blinds. Move your covered hand across the top few slats of the blinds, applying light pressure to each faux wood slat.

Use additional socks to clean each side of your faux wood blinds. The fabric of the socks will collect dirt, dust, and dander from the blinds, improving their look and the overall cleanliness of your home.

Dryer Sheets

After doing laundry, you may have a pile of used dryer sheets to dispose. While surprising to hear, these sheets are great options for cleaning your faux wood blinds. The sheets offer an appealing fragrance that will enhance the smell of your home, but the anti-static chemicals of these sheets will also repel dirt and dust from your blinds.

Close up your blinds before wiping down each slat with a dryer sheet. After dusting a few slats, grab a fresh dryer sheet to continue the cleaning process. Work your way across each set of blinds, removing dirt and dust from every set of faux wood blinds in your home.

Vacuum Attachment

The high-powered suction of your vacuum offers the most efficient manner of cleaning your faux wood blinds. However, the vacuum's power may cause the dirt, dust, and other allergens to blow through your home while cleaning. To prevent your home and family's exposure to allergens, consider using a vacuum with a HEPA filter.

Using a vacuum with a HEPA filter will block 99.7 percent of small particles from affecting your home's air quality. This is a smart option if your home has pets or family members with allergies.

Using the handheld attachment of your vacuum, work the soft bristles of the brush wand across the top of the faux wood slats. Continue vacuuming from side to side, working your way down the entire length of the blinds. Close the blinds up before vacuuming the second side, as well.

Faux wood blinds are a great option, but regular cleaning is essential to protect your investment. Using these simple hacks, your blinds will be clean, functional, appealing, and valuable.

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